The Future of Medicine. Our R & D on proteins and Recombinant Blood products
Helps you to recover Faster Genetically..
To enhance global healthcare through innovative and affordable biopharmaceuticals for patients, partners and healthcare systems across the globe MOLEGENE biotech company is focused on delivering affordable innovation. 
It is committed to reduce therapy costs of chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer and autoimmune diseases by leveraging India's cost advantage to deliver affordable healthcare solutions to patients, partners and healthcare systems across the globe.MOLEGEN, key innovations include Human INTERFERON ALPHA 2b SPRAY, introduced for the first time in india, JAFERON, & FIBRONECTIN blood protein extracted from blood cells having applications around cosmetic surgery & skin burns.
As a fully integrated biopharma company it delivers innovative biopharmaceutical solutions, ranging from discovery to development and commercialization, leveraging the cutting edge science, cost-effective drug development capabilities and global scale manufacturing capacities, to move ideas to market.